Software Development & Project Management

We build software solutions for your industry. With experience in NASA space exploration simulations and leading integration projects with real medical imaging solutions we are ready to develop innovative solutions.

software development
Client Project Manager

Client Project Manager - Mentice

In early 2018, the software engineering need extended to also completely cover projects - leading and developing. In addition to the...

Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Mentice

We took part in the overall platform team at Mentice, focused on developing and improving Mentice’s Virtual Patient physics & imaging...

Divergence-Free SPH for Fluid Simulations in Computer Graphics

Fluid Simulation in Computer Graphics

Smoothed particle hydrodynamics, SPH, is a method that was first implemented in 1977 for astrophysical simulations by Gingold et al. Since...

NASA space simulation software

NASA Space Simulation Software - OpenSpace

To support NASA’s space research efforts as well as drive further interest towards general astronomy, OpenSpace is designed to visualise the...

OCR Neural Network Equation solver

AI Equation Solver through OCR

As a proof of concept of AI for Interactive Media, an idea sprung to mind to build an optical equation solver....

Global Illumination, Monte Carlo Raytracing Renderer

Global Illumination Monte Carlo Raytracing Renderer

Developing a real-time Global Illumination Renderer is more than a small feat however the basic concepts of which are fairly quick...